Monster Legends Basic Information And Tips

The following are questions and answers for those who are new to the game. Remember that the game is in real time, while not ingame clock is ticking . Monster Legends is a Facebook game created by Social Point and released May 9 2013.Today is in development , ie in its alpha version. The object is to breed monsters, combine them to get more and better monsters, and make them stronger. With them you can fight against other players in the arena or walk the ten islands of adventure map .


It is the main currency of the game. You need to buy most of the buildings, decorations , items, habitats (some improvements cost food) and common monsters. It can be obtained in several ways: in the habitats , selling items or monsters , in the daily bonus in reward Monday, completing quests or achievements, cleaning the islands, winning in the sand, etc. Needed to feed the monsters and improve some habitats, food is mainly cultivated in farms. Other ways to get it are: cleaning the islands, completing quests , gaining in the sand , gifts from friends. The special in-game currency. Can be used to: accelerate matings, incubations and buildings, purchase hybrid monsters (either uncommon, rare or epic), buy gold or food, improve the tower nest, buy more worker ‘s hut and premium items, etc. You can get cleaning the islands, leveling up, completing achievements and some missions, the daily bonus reward Monday and of course, buying . Experience points are the only way to level up in the game. Experience points are obtained to build or improve buildings, getting monsters, farming, completing quests and achievements and get a star on the adventure map levels.

These are the homes of the workers. For each one you buy you get a new employee, which are required to build or improve buildings and habitats and to remove barriers to the islands. This building is obtained to start playing. Here are incubated eggs monsters, which can then be sold or placed on a Habitat corresponding element with at least one free space. Originally has room for an egg, but can be improved to accommodate more . Recruitment The Tavern is a building that allows you to get monsters inviting new friends to juego.Si three friends accept the invitation and begin to play you can choose one of these monsters : pandalf, Vapwhirl and Bumblesnout. This building allows you to add up to two runes to monsters, but you have to buy them. As you level up you unlock new runes, each with different prices and effects. All monsters have an icon on the left of your name in your profile, which is short. Depending where you can reach a certain level at most , by feeding food can only exceed the maximum level , defeating other monsters in the Monster Arena.

Play And Grow Mythical Creatures

The Facebook game Monster Legends is growing in popularity , already more than two million players have devoted themselves to the virtual monster breeding. Therefore we also have times risked a look and tell you what tasks and challenges await you in the free social game.


The gameplay of Monster Legends is a bit like the browser game Brave Little Beasties of Upjers. Your tames wild beasts and then you care about their feeding and care. Also, you cross the monster and so breeds entirely new versions. Your colorful little monster army finally sent her into battle , and you should pay close attention to what skills do the  individual animals. So much for the overview, we will look more closely at Monster Legends times. You’ll land at the beginning to your island, where the animal magician Pandalf you left ( the Panda Gandalf ) first instructions and explains how it all works. One of the main tasks is to build various buildings on your island, what works on the construction menu at the bottom right part. Your building needs to hatch monster, to breed and for accommodation.

Since the quasi- mythical creatures always have hunger monster Legends , you must also diligently pursue agriculture. Expanding fields and bring you there from regular food supplies . By feeding it increases the level of the monster. They grow and become stronger and stronger. By clicking on an animal you get an overview of the individual skills. This is important to know when you move into monsters Legends of adventure and want to send your monster into battle. Monster Legends play ZuchtAm top of the screen you see all kinds of ads as usual and currencies. Gold is the regular in-game currency that you can buy , for example, new buildings and monster eggs. There’s also the premium currency gems that you used for , among other things , to reduce waiting times at the breeding or the construction of buildings and food cultivation. Also, you can only buy with gems some special items in the shop. The precious stones you have to pay with real money. It is helpful in Monster Legends , as in most social games , add as many friends . Then ye have the opportunity to send you mutually helpful and gifts to support you as to the monster breeding.

Monster Legends Info

Monsters Legends is the new game collection of critters on Facebook . You will become a master of powerful monsters that you can make them fight against your friends on Facebook : the possibilities are endless! Games with cards or monsters to collect there coward , it’s a bit the next generation of Pokemon, Digimon and company. However some are more successful than others and Legends Monsters is one of those whose world is richer. As a newcomer to the world of the monsters you’ll have to build the first shelter for your watches. Each of them has different types including basic types and secondary types. For example a monster can be a creature of fire and earth, and it can be brooding on an environment of this kind. Somewhere Monsters Legends is a logical and most complete Dragon City on.


Your monsters gain levels every time they are fed, a gauge fills experience and allows you to gain new skills to become more effective in combat or grows by changing its appearance. You’ll be able to grow your own food to feed your monsters, practice to see evolve and change appearance quickly, attention every monster does not need the same type of food he must choose strategically. Monsters Legends offers a range of amazing monsters!

Through reproduction you can create two eggs creatures different elements. It is rich because there was more than 80 creatures to collect and adopt all creatures have different elemental powers and the strategy is to develop a combat rather different story to fight without penalty against other creatures. Missions help you follow the right way for the development of all your monsters is through them that you will receive your first eggs and you learn to take care of. They also allow you to level up your turn , in order to get more gold and diamonds to develop your monsters. At each level you get access to new features that will make your life in terms of management. The fights are another way to gain experience in Monster Legends is also the most interesting part of the game , after taking care of these creatures must take them into battle. On today over 100 levels it will make them fight choosing the right combos.

Monster Legends Game

Monster Legends is a great game type livestock in order to make them fight. Did you like games in which you must pass to get all the dragons in the making mate each other, testing all possible combinations for the ultimate race?Here Monster Legends, excellent breeding game monsters whose goal is to make them fight against other monsters and advance as far as possible through the levels. Recall that Monster Legends is still in its beta version, but there’s a safe bet that this game will find a very nice future!monster1
Monster Legends is composed of two parts: a part with a complete development to build village to host your monsters and allow them to mate, a place to incubate the eggs, production of food to enable them to gain their level allow progress to new transformations, and are dedicated to fighting increasingly difficult and require that you take care of your monsters to make them ever more strong and powerful party.

Each monster is attached to an element of nature that gives her strengths or weaknesses in the opponents he meets. All monsters can not sleep in the same place, and they require lots of nature to be stored. An egg ready to hatch will not be released until you have not released a space in an enclosure of its nature, otherwise it will then sell it. Monster Legends is an enjoyable game, with nice graphics with the main asset of very successful all monsters with unique moves to fight. Changes of each monster are reminiscent Pokémon because when they hatch, they are all small and cute then become much larger and terrifying. Monster Legends is quite nice and we begin to play to try new combinations and see what may look like the most questionable associations.